Display GridView Row Details using ASP.NET AJAX Popup Control

When you display records using ASP.NET GridView control it displays all the columns on the page and often you want to display only few columns in GridView due to the available space on the page. You can easily achieve this functionality by adding your own columns declaratively in the GridView control. But if you want to display other columns in a popup window for each row in the GridView control you need to use AJAX Popup Control with the GridView. In this tutorial I will show you how you can display GridView row details using ASP.NET AJAX Popup control extender.

Display GridView Row Details using ASP.NET AJAX Popup Control

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Overview of C# 3.0 Anonymous Types

Microsoft introduced some great new features in C# 3.0 to make developers more productive. Most of those features are introduced to support Language Integrated Query (LINQ) but they can also be used in many other scenarios. One such feature is Anonymous Types that allows you to define a class with some simple encapsulated fields without any associated methods, events or functionality. In this tutorial I will give you overview of C# 3.0 Anonymous Types.

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