Using DriveInfo class in VB.NET to get System Drives Information

DriveInfo class in .NET Framework is very useful class you can use to get information about the system drives. It has many properties and methods to query drive information such as drive type, drive format, total size or total free space. In the following Tutorial I will show you how to use this class in VB.NET Windows Application.

Using DriveInfo class in VB.NET to get System Drives Information

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Display Windows Services in VB.NET

.NET Framework 2.0 provides System.ServiceProcess namespace that contains classes developers can use to create and install Windows Services. These classes include ServiceBase, ServiceInstaller and ServiceProcessInstaller. This namespace also contains one class which can display the list of all the Windows Services running on local or remote computer. In this Tutorial I will show you how you can display the list of locally running Windows Services inVB.NET.

Display Windows Services in VB.NET

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Implement Globalization in VB.NET using CultureInfo class

CultureInfo class provides culture-specific information in .NET applications. This information includes language, sublanguage, country or region, day names, month names, calendar etc. It also provides culture specific conversions of numbers, currencies, dates or strings. In the following tutorial, I will show you how you can retrieve this information from different cultures available in .NET Framework.

Implement Globalization in VB.NET using CultureInfo class

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Connection String Encryption in Web.config using VB.NET

Almost all ASP.NET web sites connect database and one of the best practices in ASP.NET is to store your database connection string outside your source code typically in web configuration file (web.config). This gives you benefit of changing your database related information such as the server name, user id or password without any modification or compilation of your source code. To provide additional security of important connection string information you should always encrypt your connection string in web.config file.

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Delegates in Visual Basic .NET

A delegate in Visual Basic.NET is defined as a type safe function pointer. It holds the memory address of a function or procedure in the code and can be used to invoke the function. As a Visual Basic developer, we used delegates on daily basis without even knowing that we are using them. Event handling in .NET is also based on the concept of delegates and .NET Framework automatically handles delegates behind the scenes when we handle events in the program.

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