Export ASP.NET GridView to Excel

Many developers use GridView control to display web reports in their ASP.NET websites. GridView control render data in a tabular form just like HTML tables but it lack the functionality of exporting its contents to any other format such as Excel of PDF file. It is very common requirements of many clients to export web report data to Excel file so that they can perform some analysis using Excel built in features. In this Tutorial I will show you how to export GridView control as Excel File.

Export ASP.NET GridView to Excel

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Display Microsoft Excel File in ASP.NET GridView

Microsoft Excel is still very powerful and widely used tool in almost all the companies. Many people use it extensively to store and analyze tabular data without learning a relational database management system such as SQL Server or Oracle. If you are creating ASP.NET website, there are chances that the data is made available to you in an Excel file and reading and displaying Excel data in ASP.NET page can make your applications more powerful for analysis. In this tutorial I will show you how to read Excel file and displaying data in ASP.NET GridView control.

Display Microsoft Excel File in ASP.NET GridView

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