Introduction to LINQ to SQL

LINQ to SQL is one of the most widely used implementation of LINQ. It is so common that many developers completely overlooked other implementations of LINQ such as LINQ to DataSet or LINQ to Objects. Although LINQ to SQL is only available for SQL Server databases but it is still using all the features available in the other LINQ implementations. In this tutorial, I will give you brief introduction of LINQ to SQL, DataContext object, Entity classes and Object Relational Designer along with some simple LINQ to SQL queries.

Introduction to LINQ to SQL

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Enumerate SQL Server database Instances using ADO.NET

How many times you created a .NET application in which you need to know about all of the database systems on your company’s network? May be you need to create an application for database administrator of your SQL Server database so that he can see a list of all the SQL Server databases installed in the company. In this small tutorial I will show you how you can obtain the list of all SQL Server database instances.

Enumerate SQL Server database Instances using ADO.NET

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